2019 Intentional Homeschooling Bundle Details

2019 Intentional Homeschooling Bundle Details


The 2019 Intentional Homeschooling Bundle will be live from 5pm PST on Sunday, March 17th and will end at 8am PST on Saturday, March 23rd.

This bundle will feature homeschool products from K-12.


Early Bird

We will once again be having an early bird bonus for those who purchase a bundle by 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 19th – they will receive a Homeschool Mini Planner.


Bundle Contents

Bundle page: https://intentionalbundles.com/ihb-2019/

This bundle will be sold for $25.

Here’s a listing of the bundle contents, more may continue to be added. The products and value will be finalized on Wednesday, March 6th.

52 Bible Scriptures for Kids to Memorize – Wildly Anchored
The Word of God is important to keep in our hearts and speak with our lips. In fact, it’s the very thing Jesus used to combat the fiery darts of the enemy. Here’s a perfect one-year plan to memorize 52 Bible scriptures.

Adventure Log – Twig & Moth
A printable Adventure Log for documenting any and all of your adventures, both large and small.

Amazing Earthworms Poster – Twig & Moth
A 12 x 18 (can be printed smaller) printable poster featuring amazing earthworms.

Antonio Vivaldi Composer Unit Study – Intentional Homeschooling
This study is filled with resources for learning all about Vivaldi and his music.
The contents of this unit study include an unit study sample schedule, who is Antonio Vivaldi?, a book list, music playlists, how to document your learning, extended learning opportunities and more!

A Quick Guide to Annotating Books – Intentional Homeschooling
Annotations come in handy when writing essays, book review or when you have a lot of thoughts or feelings about a book. With this guide you will learn how to annotate books quickly and easily with a system that works for you.

Beetles Poster – Twig & Moth
A 12 x 18 (can be printed smaller) printable “Assortment of Beetles” poster.

Business and Entrepreneurship for Youth (BEY) – Monique Willms
The BEY course is designed to take youth and families through the process of developing a business from ground up. You’ll learn about products, services, cost of doing business, branding, marketing and profits. After each section, students are directed to pen and paper activities in the printable business portfolio. It works well for younger children working with a parent or for teens working independently.

Canada: The First Fifty Years – Intentional Homeschooling
This digital resource guide gives an overview of Canada’s first fifty years as a country – from July 1st, 1867 until June 30th, 1917. For each of the major events in Canadian history there are additional resources included including books, videos, and online resources.

Charlotte’s Web Literature Notebooking Unit Study – As We Walk Along the Road
This unique unit study resource includes discussion questions, narration pages, activities, and notebooking pages for each chapter of the classic children’s book Charlotte’s Web. It covers science, history, and language arts, as well as vocabulary for the book.

Cloud Identification Posters – Brave Grown Home
These Cloud Identification Posters are hand painted resources that feature the 10 main cloud types. It includes three 8.5″x11″ posters.

Continents – Montessori 3-part Cards – My Montessori Hub
Learn about the seven continents with these colorful 3-part cards.

Flowers of the Spring – Montessori 3-part Cards – My Montessori Hub
Celebrate spring with our lovely 3-part cards of flowers. As always, we used real images of flowers blooming in spring.

Homeschooling as a Lifestyle Workshop – Intentional Homeschooling
This workshop is for those who view themselves as lifelong learners and want to impart that desire on to their children. It will help you to stop feeling the pressure to follow a curriculum and have fun learning and make homeschooling a lifestyle for your family.

Leaf Identification Posters – Brave Grown Home
These Leaf Identification Posters are hand painted resources that includes three 8.5″x11″ posters. Leaf characteristics featured include leaf shapes, types, arrangements, margins, tips & bases, and venation.

Lifestyle Homeschooling ebook – This Little Home of Mine
How to fit 180 days of school into 365 days of round-the-clock learning! Take the first steps toward creating the family culture you’ve been longing for: a lifestyle of living and learning together.

Love Bible Study for Kids – Wildly Anchored
Help your children gain an understanding of God’s love for them and how they can love others. This pack includes:
– 2 Bible studies: Loving God and Loving Others
– Recommended ages: 7-11
– BIG idea to focus on the main point of the Bible story / topic studied
– Bible story to read
– Bible story discussion questions
– Definition look-up and copywork
– Apply it to your life prompts
– Scripture memory work
– Activities

Mirror Mirror: Reflections of the Gospel in Snow White – Angelina Stanford
Learn how to closely read Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in this recording of a live online seminar taught by Angelina Stanford and discover how fairy tales deepen our understanding of the Gospel. Over 90 minutes of material. Download includes both the VIDEO and AUDIO recordings.

Moon Phases Nature Study Printables – Simple Living Mama
Help your child learn all about the phases of the moon with this printable pack. In this printable pack you will get: A page in which to draw and label the phases of the moon Cut and paste moon phase activity Label the phases of the moon Moon journal The Moon poem by Robert Louis Stevenson copywork in manuscript and cursive Notebooking pages.

Montessori Movable Alphabet – My Montessori Hub
Make your own Montessori movable alphabet, easy peasy 1, 2, 3 and let your children enhance their language skills. This printable comes in 2 colour versions.

My World Continents Montessori Bundle – Chickie & Roo
The My World -Continents- Flashcard Bundle is 27 pages of high contrast geographical outlines: -7 continent flashcards (and posters) with name -7 continent flashcards (and posters) without name -7 continent globe flashcards (and posters) Use these images to learn and match the parts of our world! Suitable for all ages.

Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling Methods ebook – Heart and Soul Homeschooling
Confused by which homeschooling method to use? What’s the difference really? In this book, you’ll learn about ten of the most common homeschooling methods, along with their advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the method that works best for your homeschool.

The Saints Guide – The Peaceful Press
The Saints Study includes four weeks of learning centered around the inspiring lives of Saints. You will learn about St. Augustine, St. Patrick, St. Francis, and St. Elizabeth through stories, poetry, art, and recipes. The study includes copy work, Aesop’s Fables, related art, and more.

The Scarlet Letter Online Book Club ~ American Classic Literature Series – Hide the Chocolate/Literary Adventures for Kids
In this course, we will read through the book The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. As we are reading, we will go on rabbit trails of discovery into history, science, art, and more. We will find ways to learn by experiencing parts of the book through hands-on activities. After the story, we will have a party school to celebrate this classic story. This online literary guide has everything you need to study the book. This course includes vocabulary, grammar, free-write questions, rabbit trails, and a few project ideas. It is perfect for a month of high school level literature.

Visual Creative Writing Story Prompts Package – Homeschool Mastery Academy
Visual Creative Writing Story Prompts Package – Visual writing prompts are a fantastic way to engage your children of any age to creatively write! This is such a versatile tool for your homeschool. Any age that can write will enjoy thinking up stories inspired by a single visual prompt. The prompt is directly on the writing worksheet page, no additional pages necessary. Use this as an entire workbook or use a page at a time. Includes 11 Total Pages.

Word Landmarks Montessori Set – Chickie & Roo
Learn about 32 unique man-made monuments and landmarks around the world with this huge set! Included are: 32 cards with landmark photograph and name, 32 fact cards on location, date of construction, size, and unique facts about each site, 32 cartoon watercolor Montessori cards, 32 country outline cards with location of each landmark, and world outline sheet to fill in yourself!


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The graphics for the bundle can be found in the creatives section of the affiliate area (they are below the Elementary Bundle graphics). Please do not use the bundle graphics until the bundle is live at 5pm PST on Sunday, March 17th.


Sales Copy

Subject Lines:

* Taking stock in our homeschool
* Three homeschool resources I am currently loving
* Here’s a homeschool deal you don’t want to miss


Sample Email (feel free to copy and paste but add your own affiliate URL and favorite bundle products):


I always find myself reflecting on our school year as spring approaches. I find it to be a great time to take stock on what worked for our year and what didn’t.

This is also the time of year where I find myself looking for new resources for us to use for our last few weeks of the year and in the next school year. The only problem is that there are so many great products out there and it can be overwhelming to find all that I want and fit it into our homeschool budget. Sound familiar?

If you have ever started to add up the cost of all the resources you wanted only to have sticker shock when the total appears, don’t worry, I’ve got your back this week!

A great solution to this problem is to buy products as part of a bundle and I have a great bundle to share with you: the Intentional Homeschooling Bundle!

This bundle contains 25 products with multiple products for each range: kindergarten, grades 1-4, grades 5-8 and grades 9-12, so no matter what grades you are homeschooling there is something in the bundle for you.

I haven’t even told you the best part yet: there are over $250 worth of products in this bundle and this week it is being sold for just $25 – that’s 90% off!

With 25 products in the bundle I don’t want to list them all right now but a few of my personal favorite products are:

1. (share your favorite products here, and their value, especially if they add up to more than $25)

Of course a deal this good can’t last forever so in order to get the bundle while it is available you’ll need to purchase it in the next few days.

Check out the Intentional Homeschooling Bundle here: ***insert your affiliate URL***