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The sale will officially launch at 6pm PST on November 22nd and will close at 9am PST on November 27th. That way we will be covering both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You can find the sales copy for this bundle at the bottom of the page.



Intentional Homeschooling Bundle:
Elementary Homeschooling Bundle:



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This is our biggest value bundle to date!

Bundle Value: $371.88
Bundle Price: $25
Discounted: 93%




Christmas Around the World – Awe Filled Homemaker

Cute Little Monsters Learning Numbers Charts & Printable Activities – Homeschool Mastery Academy

Delight-Directed Homeschooling Workshop – The Homeschool Post

Famous Birthday’s Online Unit Study – Techie Homeschool Mom

Growth Mindset Kit 1 & 2 – Big Life Journal

Homeschool Prep: Getting it in Gear – Breakthrough Homeschooling

Just Me & My Thoughts Journal – A Heart Full of Joy

Lads & Ladies of Wisdom Elementary Character Curriculum – The Character Corner

Living Colors Preschool Curriculum – This Humble Hive

Me, My Thoughts & I Journal – A Heart Full of Joy

Monday Morning Invitations – Kara S. Anderson

Monthly Homeschool Planning Pages – Learning Well Community

Mulberry Mini Planner – Mulberry Journal

Poetry Compendium – Intentional Homeschooling

Poetry Study – Intentional Homeschooling

Wonder Online Book Club – Literary Adventures for Kids

Working Memory Online Workshop – Yellow Wood Success Academy


** Please note: this bundle does not have any bonuses. Our flash sales don’t usually included bonuses (that’s a perk of buying it during the launch week), except because our Elementary Homeschooling Bundle is evergreen (available for a year) it does have bonuses.




This is our best selling bundle to date!

Bundle Value: $283.85
Bundle Price: $25
Discounted: 91%




Animal Tracks Guide – Brave Grown Home

Bees Digital Poster – Twig and Moth

Bilingual Daily Calendar – This Humble Hive

Butterflies & Moths Digital Poster – Twig and Moth

Challenges Kit – Big Life Journal

Christmas Around the World – Awe Filled Homemaker

Deschooling Essentials – Fearless Homeschool

Fall STEM Activity Packet – This Little Home of Mine

Famous Artists for Kids – The Natural Homeschool

How Do You Want Your Homeschool to Feel? – Kara S. Anderson

Hymns for Your Homeschool – Outmatched Mama

Intro to Musicals for Elementary Students – Music in Our Homeschool

Kids Travel Journal – Intentional Homeschooling

Learning Goal Tracker – Mulberry Journal

Magic Tree House Extension Activities – Intentional Homeschooling

Minimal Homeschool Guide – Simple + Free

Nature Kids: Winter Edition – Learning Well

Picture Book Poetry Bundle – Line Upon Line Learning

Picture Word Cards – The Peaceful Press

Plan For Freedom CM Course – Modern Miss Mason

So Many Littles, So Little Time – Raising Arrows

Start a Homeschool Group – Homeschool Mastery Academy

Stellaluna Online Nature Book Club – Hide the Chocolate/Literary Adventures for Kids

Workbox Tags – Heart and Soul Homeschooling

Writing Prompt Journal – Heart and Soul Homeschooling




ABC Mouse – 30 Day Free Trial

Big Life Journal – 10% off any purchase

Brave Writer – 10% off Partnership Writing

Hmschld – 20% off any purchase

Intentional Homeschooling – $5 off Intentional Homeschooling Collective – Collection One & $5 off Design Your Own Board Game Course

KidArtLit – 10% off the first month of any join or gift order

Letter Peddler – 20% off any purchase

Literary Adventures for Kids – 30% off any book club

Music in Our Homeschool – Free Sampler Music Appreciation mini-course

Polar Pen Pal – 25% off Polar Pen Pal subscription & 40% off printables and downloads

The Idea Box Kids – 10% off subscription

The Intentional Book Club – 50% off annual membership

This Humble Hive – 20% off any purchase





This weekend only there are not one but TWO homeschool bundles on sale for over 90% off!

Intentional Homeschooling Bundle – this one includes products for preschool to high school and has a value of $371.88 and is on sale for just $25 -that’s 93% off!

Elementary Homeschool Bundle – this one includes products for preschool to grade four and has a value of $283.85 and is on sale for just $25 – that’s 91% off!



Subject lines:

  • The Best Homeschool Black Friday Deals
  • Did You Miss These the First Time?
  • Save Over 90% on These Homeschool Deals This Weekend
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I just wanted to quickly share two great homeschool deals with you today. I know your inbox is filling up with Black Friday emails right now but I bet the sales I’m about to share with you top all of those, these deals are both over 90% off!

For this weekend only Intentional Bundles is bringing back the best of the best: the best selling homeschool bundle and the homeschool bundle with the biggest value.

That’s right, there are not one, but TWO homeschool bundles on sale right now:


Intentional Homeschooling Bundle (**add affiliate link)

Here are the quick details:

Products For: preschool to high school
Bundle Value: $371.88
Bundle Price: $25
Discounted: 93%

**Share about your favorite product in this bundle.


But wait, there’s more! 😉 There is also the . . .

Elementary Homeschool Bundle (**add affiliate link)

The quick details for this bundle:

Products for: preschool to grade four
Bundle Value: $283.85
Bundle Price: $25
Discounted: 91%

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You can go ahead and buy both of the bundles or just one. Either way you will be stocked with great resources to help pull you through the winter slump that seems inevitable after Christmas is over.

Of course, the only way these bundles can happen is if they are limited time offers so you only have until 9am PST on Tuesday, November 27th to save over 90% on some great homeschool products!

**Insert countdown timer