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3 Keys to Reading Success - Rolling Prairie Readers

Learn more about the scientific process behind learning to read and discover exactly how YOU can support your child through this exciting (and sometimes scary) process.
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Support email: [email protected]

ABC Learning Printable Pack with Mini Book Flash Card Set - Homeschool Mastery Academy

Versatile set can be used as single printables to focus on a word per day/per week, or print as one full set. Also includes an additional bonus set that can be used as a mini flip book or small flash cards.
Support email: [email protected]

Balanced Brain Mini Course - Yellow Wood Success Academy

Join us for a course on how to use movement to finish brain development and encourage academic skills! If you have a little one with sensory processing difficulties or developmental delays, this course is for you!
Support email: [email protected] OR [email protected]

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Pre-K/K Lesson Plans and Printables - Simple Living Mama

Open your preschooler’s eyes to the world of color with Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle. This one week lesson plan includes a five day calendar with activities to do all week!
Support email: [email protected]

Color, Cut, and Count Through the Seasons - Heart and Soul Homeschooling

A fun coloring, cutting, and counting pack for all four seasons! Great way for kids to practice counting to 20.
Support email: [email protected]

Constellations Mini Cards - Brave Grown Home

Name the constellations in the night sky using this hand painted watercolor card set. The Constellations Guide now includes 30 constellations from the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.
Support email: [email protected]

Fox Addition Flash Cards - Intentional Homeschooling

These printable addition flash cards go all the way up to adding to 20 (10+10) and include 65 addition cards and 65 answer cards.

Support email: [email protected]

Homeschooling Your Preschooler - This Little Home of Mine

Not only does Homeschooling Your Preschooler provide inspiration for teaching and learning, but it will also bring you face-to-face with fresh ideas for how to discover a sense of balance that WORKS in your home!
Support email: thislittlehom[email protected]

Jesus. Yoga Pants. Homeschool. ebook

This is our story. A story about a family that never intended to homeschool. Then our story changed. We became a homeschool family. My hope is that our story helps you find (or reignite) your passion for homeschooling.
Support email: [email protected]

Peaceful Preschool Ocean Guide - The Peaceful Press

The Ocean Guide is a four week guide to ocean themed learning for 3-6 year old students. It includes book suggestions, phonics and counting activities, and motor skills activities for preparing your youngest students to be strong learners.
Code: earlylearningocean
Support email: [email protected]

Montessori Unit Study Bundle of Birds: Botany - My Montessori Hub

This gorgeous bundle of Montessori inspired unit study digital printables featuring 15 common birds. All the birds featured are high resolution images of real birds on white background. This printable is suitable for homeschool as well as a school environment.
Support email: [email protected]

Moon Phases Mini Cards - Brave Grown Home

Track the phases of the moon with this watercolor moon phase card set. The new guide now includes moon phase options for BOTH Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Support email: [email protected]

Nature Journal - Twig & Moth

Teach them to observe nature early! A simple and easy to use printable kids nature journal available in both Northern and Southern Hemisphere (in a separate listing) versions! Four different cover designs are included and the files are formatted for both 8.5" x 11" and A4 paper sizes.
Support email: [email protected]

Number and Letter Cards - Intentional Homeschooling

These printable letter and number cards are great for spelling practice, telephone number practice, uppercase and lowercase matching and more! The cards each have a dot in the lower right hand corner to help kids learn which way the letters should go.
Support email: [email protected]

Polar Lands - Early Years Complete Curriculum Unit - Fiddlesticks Kids

A complete unit bundle of polar land themed activities aimed at children aged 2-6.
Support email: [email protected]

Roman Numeral 4-Part Math Cards - Chickie & Roo

Learn counting through Roman Numerals with these 4-part educational cards. These color-coded cards help children match the number, number word, physical representation, and coordinating Roman numeral.
Code: earlycounting
Support email: [email protected]

Seasons and Months Activities Bundle - I Believe in Montessori

Engaging, hands-on activities to teach children about seasons and months of the year. Perfect for your Montessori classroom.
Support email: [email protected]

Shapes in Nature - Chickie & Roo

How many shapes are in nature? All of them! You just have to look closely! Plants, animals, weather and more all contain basic shapes and patterns. Take these cards along on your nature hikes to help you spy shapes hiding in plain sight!
Code: CandRNature
Support email: [email protected]

Shapes Flash Cards - Intentional Homeschooling

These printable flash cards are the perfect resource for teaching your children basic shapes.
Support email: [email protected]

Solar System Mini Cards - Brave Grown Home

Explore the Solar System with your astronomy lover by incorporating this 3-part card set of hand painted watercolor and goauche illustrations.
Support email: [email protected]

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