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Homeschooling Prep - Getting it in Gear
{Breakthrough Homeschooling}

$99 value!

Homeschooling can be one of the most significant decisions you'll make in your family's life. And while it may will not always be easy, you and your kids will grow in ways you've never dreamed . . .

In this series of lessons, you'll set the stage for a successful homeschool experience - no matter how you measure it!

      * You will become prepared to provide a rich and fulfilling education for your children at home.
      * You will learn how to recognize their unique gifts and strengths and help grow and develop them.
      * You will obtain the tools you need to be a knowledgeable educator.

The "plus" is that the children you will be teaching are your own.

Working Memory Online Workshop
{Yellow Wood Success Academy}

$50 value!

Join us and learn all about working memory, what happens when it's weak, and HOW to strengthen it!

Designed for parents and teachers, this workshop includes audio lectures, handouts, and games and exercises for building up working memory skills in students of every age! This workbook includes instructions and game pages.

Famous Birthdays Online Unit Study
{Techie Homeschool Mom}

$35 value!

Celebrate the birthday of two famous people each month with the Famous Birthdays Online Unit Study.

Learn about each person, record information on an ever-growing digital timeline and complete a variety projects. Explore online resources and be inspired by the work of a variety of artists, activists, athletes, performers, scientists, and historians.

Wonder Book Club
{Literary Adventures for Kids}

$25 value!

In this course, Wonder Book Club, we will read through the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. As we are reading we will go on rabbit trails of discovery. We will find ways to learn while experiencing parts of the book.

At the conclusion of the story, we will have a “party school” celebrating Auggie and his friends.

Lads & Ladies of Wisdom Elementary Character Curriculum
{The Character Corner}

The Lads & Ladies of Wisdom curriculum provides you with 5 months of character lessons, which will take minimal preparation, and can be taught in 5-10 minutes a day. The lessons include a memory verse for the week, and 5 daily lessons a week. Provided in the lessons are a weekly memory verse, 3-4 KEYS that relate to applying the character quality in their daily life, games, object lessons, or role play, and a prayer for the child to pray about applying what they have learned.


Mulberry Mini Planner
{Mulberry Journal}

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of organising yourself for your homeschool year? Worried you can't keep up with your state's record keeping requirements? This mega file includes everything you could possibly need to plan, track and evaluate your homeschooling routine and your children's wonderful journey of learning through life!

Delight-Directed Homeschooling Workshop
{The Homeschool Post}

This is a 23-minute workshop designed to encourage homeschool families to incorporate delight-directed learning in their days. This can be accomplished by creating a delightful learning atmosphere in both tangible and intangible ways. Inspired by Charlotte Mason's philosophy of encouraging lifelong learning, this workshop walks parents through the whys and hows of delight-directed learning, living books, and creating the learning environment at home.

Living Colors Preschool Curriculum
{This Humble Hive}

Living Colors is a gentle curriculum for preschoolers. This 102-page PDF digital download contains ten weeklong lessons, with a new focus color presented each week to explore together. Each lesson includes a supply list, book and music recommendations, and daily schedule. Most of the supplies can be found in your home or easily substituted. These lessons take an eclectic approach to learning and cover a wide range of subjects and styles, embracing inspiration from Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf, and more.

Poetry Compendium
{Intentional Homeschooling}

This compendium is all you need to get started incorporating poetry into your homeschool on a daily basis! In this compendium you will learn how to cultivate a love for poetry in your own life as well as those of your children. We cover a number of different ways to include poetry in your homeschool days, lists of our favorite poetry books for all ages and five interviews with real homeschooling families on how they approach poetry.


Poetry Study
{Intentional Homeschooling}

This study covers 10 different poetry lessons. The lessons are not intended to be the dull poetry lessons you may remember from school but ones that induce a love of poetry in your children. Each lesson comes with the lesson instructions and when applicable an example and printable poem. The idea is for these to be simple, ready to go lessons so there is little to no prep work on your end but the results are creative works of art you'll cherish and your kids will be proud of.


Christmas Around the World
{Awe Filled Homemaker}

Christmas Around the World was designed with YOU in mind. This Christmas season, use this study to teach your kids about Advent, St. Nicholas, The Birth of Jesus Christ and Christmas traditions all around the world- covering 20 different countries!


Growth Mindset Kit 1 & 2
{Big Life Journal}

These printables are designed to help children develop a growth mindset and important qualities like resiliences, grit, self-confidence, gratitude, and others.

Cute Little Monsters Learning Numbers Charts & Printable Activities
{Homeschool Mastery Academy}

Cute number charts and printable activities with bright colors and exciting images to keep your child engaged!

Monthly Homeschool Planning Pages
{Learning Well Community}

You need a plan, but you're not into the day-by-day, detailed plans. Monthly planning pages are your answer to easy, flexible homeschool planning!

Monday Morning Invitations
{Kara S. Anderson}

Be inspired by 8 weeks of fun, hands-on projects to strew for your kids.


Just Me & My Thoughts Journal
{A Heart Full of Joy}

A one semester printable journal, with 70 entry prompts, for pre-teens to share their thoughts. 

Me, My Thoughts and I Journal
{A Heart Full of Joy}

A one semester printable journal, with 70 entry prompts, for pre-teens to share their thoughts. 

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