Intentional Motherhood Bundle

5-day no yelling challenge

5-Day No Yelling Challenge mini-ebook - The Pragmatic Parent

If you find yourself shrieking at your children and want to change, this is for you.

Value: $4.99
Basic Brush Lettering

Basic Brush Lettering - Hand Lettered and Loved

If you're a beginner in calligraphy and brush lettering, these worksheets are perfect for you!

Value: $15.90
Bible Bites

Bibles Bites Devotional - Outmatched Mama

A journaling Bible study for busy moms! Meditate on a bit of Bible truth each week, a few minutes at a time.

Value: $15

Capturing Childhood Photography Course

Capturing Childhood Photography Course - An Intentional Life

Learn how to take better photos of your children!

Value: $25
Beginner's Gardening Course

Growing Roots Beginner Gardening Course - Shifting Roots

The basic gardening information you need to know, plus a customizable planner to keep everything organized.

Value: $25
Manual Mode Photography Course

Manual Mode Photography - An Intentional Life

Learn how to get the photos you want out of your camera.

Value: $50
Mom Life

Mom Life: Perfection Pending - Perfection Pending

An uplifting yet real look at all that is expected of moms in the 21st century.

Value: $5.99

Moments on Mothering eBook - Modern Miss Mason

Reflective inspiration from one mother to another.

Value: $4
Music Playlists for Homemaking

Music Playlists for Homemaking - Music in our Homeschool

Find twelve playlists especially chosen to inspire you through twelve different categories of homemaking.

Value: $17

Play Posters - The Peaceful Press

2 posters explaining the benefits of play and giving practical play suggestions.

Value: $4
Reading Journal

Reading Journal - An Intentional Life

This journal is the perfect place to keep a record of your reading!

Value: $10
Self Care

Self Care Planner - Called Out Living

12 Planner sheets to help you practise self care, track goals, plan your day and celebrate your success.

Value: $12.90
Smart Play

SMART Play - Rolling Prairie Readers

SMARTplay will teach you five things you need to know to make playing with your kids more effective and fun.

Value: $5
Thankful Printable

Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed Printable Wall Art - Neat House Sweet Home

A beautiful ‘Thankful, Grateful and Blessed’ fall printable.

Value: $5.49
Watercolor blooms

Watercolor Blooms - Alisa Burke

Flowers and watercolors make the perfect pair! In this class you will learn really simple techniques for transforming your favorite flowers into expressive, beautiful and colorful paintings.

Value: $15
Words of Affirmation Cards

Words of Affirmation Cards - Chickie & Roo

Share these with a friend who needs encouragement or take the time to love and appreciate yourself.

Value: $3

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